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Why Is Hemisqualane the Complete D5 Alternative?

Cyclomethicones are restricted by the EU and consumers demand silicone-free. Hemisqualane is the complete, natural solution.

Finding a D5 alternate that’s natural, high performance, and sustainable is difficult. So we've developed new clinical data and strategies for using Neossance™ Hemisqualane as a complete and natural solution that’s always available. 

It may seem like you're facing a huge challenge around the replacement of D5. First, there’s no 1 to 1 drop-in replacement. Second, when reformulating, not only do you have to balance how the formulation feels or performs but you also have to take into consideration cost, naturality, social responsibility and safety. With all of these challenges, we developed a two-fold solution for successful D5 replacement: a combination of ingredients and new formulation approaches.  D5 is used largely across color cosmetics due to its wide range of benefits, such as:  

  • It’s unique sensory which is directly related to the aesthetics of a formulation.  
  • It’s spreadability which promotes even coverage and even application of a product.  
  • The volatility of D5 contributes to some of the sensory effects that we see as well as contributing to extended wear.  
  • Lastly, related to color cosmetics in a different way, D5 is well known for its ability to remove long-wear and waterproof makeup  

Neossance Hemisqualane achieves equivalency in each of these categories:

  • Hemisqualane has an excellent play time as it works in 2 ways: it quickly evaporates off the skin and almost at the same time, absorbs into the skin, giving the perception of volatility.  
  • Both consumer and expert evaluations demonstrate Hemisqualane performs equivalently to D5 in long wear, sensory aspects, play time, and even coverage.
  • Neossance Hemisqualane has superior make-up removal properties.

Interested in learning more? Request our full data report or request a sample.