Can I Use Squalane in Baby Care Formulations?

Neossance Squalane is a non comedogenic, high performance, natural emollient that can replace mineral and other emollients in baby care

Parents expect transparency and have extensive ingredient awareness. Millennials, the fastest growing parent segment, are willing to pay more and are loyal to brands that align with their values and ultimately, they want products that are effective against rising skin related issues their babies may face. Choosing the right oil for baby care can drive success in baby care launches. 

How can Squalane help you formulate baby care products in today's market? 

First, we must understand that baby skin is different from adult skin and it is quite undeveloped.  

  • Babies have an immature skin barrier  
  • That is more permeable and vulnerable 
  • They have minimal hydration of stratum corneum for the first six months of life.  
  • Increased risk of infection, absorption, and thermo-regulation failure 

Let's look at the benefits of squalane in baby care. 

  • Vernix, which is the coating on a baby’s skin in the late stages of pregnancy actually contains 22% squalene. This moisturizing and protective barrier is typically washed off immediately after birth. Applying squalane to babies skin is reminiscent of how nature planned to take care of baby skin.  
  • Squalane has been proven to reinforce the skin’s protective barrier
  • Maintain hydration levels of the epidermis and helps regulate water balance 
  • Squalane is non-comedogenic so it does not promote bacteria growth which may lead to atopic dermatitis.  
  • Lastly, there are extensive safety assessments on squalane that all conclude squalane is safe to use in baby care.